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We offer an array of options for our customers. From invitations for your next gathering to promotional material, t-shirt design and graphics for your online presence, we can provide it all.

Whether you need new website design for your business or if you need a fresh new look for an existing site, we focus on functionally-driven websites with a pleasant aesthetic to meet your visitor's needs.



Erin Fogler

2 Pennies Productions was accidentally founded in 2005 to meet a need in creative media solutions in a small Tennessee community. In its infancy, video and music production were at its core, but 2PP has since morphed into a business that primarily focuses on web and graphic design. Our philosphy of design is rooted in beauty, maturing in simplicity and living in functionality.

Erin Fogler, owner and creative genius, studied design at Tennessee Technological University and has been using her creative capabilities ever since. She enjoys beauty, community, nature and music and finds inspiration in them all. Erin currently resides in Central Kentucky with her husband and daugther.



One wintery Sunday, 2 pennies found themselves tumbling out of a friend's pocket as he was getting dressed. As they hit the floor, the 2 pennies were thought of as insignificant. Yet, something stopped the friend from passing them over. He felt the Lord whisper to him to pick them up off the floor and take them with him. Being obedient, he picked up the 2 pennies and headed to church. Jumping into his car, the same 2 pennies slipped out of his pocket again. The friend, thinking they were more trouble than they were worth, was ready to leave them to slip into the oblivion of the seats. However, the Lord nudged him again that he would need these pennies, so he retrieved them. On the way to church, the friend stopped by his favorite doughnut shop to grab some goodies. The total came to some figure and 2 pennies. Finding their significance, the 2 pennies passed hands and the friend felt like the Lord was showing him that He cares for every detail... no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. The legacy of the 2 pennies stuck that day and thus was born the name, 2 Pennies Productions.


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